make a mark with our wide range of Tee markers

Pinseeker manufacture a wide range of tee markers to suit most budgets, these include the ever popular Augusta logs to the increasing popular ProPlex™ models.

Proplex™ Wedge Tee Marker


ProPlex™ Wedge Tee marker


ProPlex™ Cube Tee Marker


ProPlex™ Cube Tee marker


Upright Log Tee Marker


Iroko Hardwood upright stumpy Tee marker​​​​​​

  • Resin domed decal
  • 6mm x 70mm SS ground spike
  • 135mm x 70mm profile
  • Teknos timber protection finish

Augusta Log Marker


Iroko Hardwood Augusta Log Tee Marker

  • Resin domed logo detail
  • 2 x 6mm x 70mm SS ground spikes
  • 270mm x 70mm profile
  • Teknos timber protection finish

Octagon Tee Marker


Iroko hardwood Octagon Tee Marker

  • Etched Zinc logo fascia plate
  • 6mm x 70mm SS ground spike
  • 95mm x 95mm x 155mm profile
  • Teknos timber protection finish


Pear Tee Marker


Pear shaped Tee Marker

  • Available in all common colours
  • Galvanised ground spike

Half Globe Marker


Plastic Moulded Half Globe Tee Marker​​​​​​

  • C/w logo receptical
  • Aluminium ground spike
  • Flat print or domed logos available

Mow Over Marker


Economy Mow Over Tee marker​​​​​​

  • Available in white, yellow or red
  • Intergrated ground spike

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