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Sustainable Materials
The materials we use

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Our specialist materials for fine quality production

Our premium product range uses a selection of high-quality materials to ensure the very best finish possible with long-lasting durability. We source sustainably where possible and are leading our industry in the use of high-grade, recycled materials in our manufacturing processes.



An ever-increasing demand for quality combined with economic value whilst remaining environmentally friendly spawned our suite of ProPlex™ products, specifically designed as a collection of complementary furnishings to enhance any golf course environment.

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Natural Granite

Natural Granite

An extremely durable material that once decorated gives a truly stunning look and a traditional feel of quality.

All designs are blasted into the plaques using aluminium oxide under high pressure, creating a permanently marked stone. All lettering is then in-filled using quality paints prior to a final clear lacquer coating.

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Cast Granite

Cast Granite

The ability to carve detail with state of the art CNC machinery makes cast granite one of our most popular sign substrates.

An extremely stable material with a solid and uniform colour throughout, cast granite has the benefit that minor scuffs or scratches can be removed with an abrasive pad for plaque restoration.

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Cast Bronze

Cast Bronze

With outstanding character and sharp definition, our superb cast bronze plaques bring with them an air of real class

When mounted into one of our hardwood tee posts the plaques look truly stunning. They also provide an ideal solution for mow-over signs.

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Etched Zinc

Etched Zinc

Etched zinc plates have been popular for many years now and offer a traditional feel of quality.

All frames made from hardwood will retain a certain amount of moisture content, therefore some crazing or minor surface checking may occur soon after installation. This movement is totally natural and beyond our control, any movement that may occur is usually confined to the first year and in no way effects the suitability of the product.

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Dibond Panel

Dibond Panel

Dibond aluminium composite panels feature two thin sheets of Aluminium enclosing a Polyethylene core.

They can be used in a huge range of applications, they are lightweight but strong and the extremely flat surface is great for printing high-quality graphics or text.

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