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Etched Zinc

Etched Zinc

Etched zinc plates have been popular for many years now and offer a traditional feel of quality. Once a design has been approved it is then etched into the zinc, painted using flat or textured finishes. The zinc substrate allows huge design flexibility, especially when highly detailed logos are required.


Manufacturing process

Zinc plates are made from a chemically etched high-grade Zinc substrate, after etching is complete the plates are degreased, etch primed, painted and cured before finishing with an epoxy polyurethane finish. This process has proven over time to create excellent outdoor products. As with all outdoor signage there is a degree of maintenance needed to keep the signs and plaques looking their best.


Care and maintenance

We recommend that two or three times a year the plates are cleaned thoroughly with a non-abrasive cleaning agent, (soap and water with a soft brush is enough), and polished with any branded external wax polish containing silicon (almost all car polish is suitable). Bird droppings can be particularly aggressive at certain times of the year due to their diet and should be removed as quickly as possible. Please read our downloadable guide for more information.

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Care & Maintenance

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