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Cast Bronze

Cast Bronze

With outstanding character and sharp definition, our superb cast bronze plaques bring with them an air of real class. When mounted into one of our hardwood tee posts the plaques look truly stunning. They also provide an ideal solution for mow-over signs.


Preservation of Bronze Plaques

Natural Bronze will verdigris naturally through time. The verdigris is a natural coating that forms on the surface of the plaque and can be removed with a wire brush. Once the bronze has been wire brushed, rub the surface with wet & dry sandpaper. To complete the process, treat the raised areas with a metal polish (Brass or similar) and furniture wax (or equivalent) on the recessed background areas.


Care and maintenance

It is essential that ALL bronze plaques be cleaned after any application of fertilisers onto the course. Nitrogen fertiliser can burn through the protective coating in a matter of hours. Please see more information in our downloadable guide.

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Care & Maintenance

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